We are often asked, “Why do you drink distilled water?”  This is a controversial issue with many and we hope to clear up some of the confusion and rumors.  We were first introduced to distilled water through our studies at The School Of Natural Healing where the original Dr. Christopher had not only used it to help clear up his own health issues but has also helped thousands of others by having them switch over to distilled water. We have been using distilled water since 2008 and strongly believe that distilled water is the only thing our bodies should be drinking (other than water from fruits, greens & veggie juices).  We wanted to share some information with you to help clear up the muddy water, so to speak.

     Plants perform an almost magical process called osmosis in which, minerals are brought into the plant from the ground and organic compounds are created.  Certain plants demand certain minerals from the ground so if you need a mineral you can simply eat the plant that is high in that mineral.  When we do this we ensure that we are eating minerals in a form that we can assimilate and absorb.  We are not meant to be rock crunchers.  We cannot take things like coral, shells, and other mineral supplements and think that we can break these down and use them properly.  Instead, these hard minerals that cannot be utilized and eliminated properly causing things such as:

  • Plaque buildup
  • Kidney stones
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Arthritis
  • Gout
  • Gallstones
  • Bone spurs

                  and so on…

     When people have accumulated enough minerals it acts like “sand in the gears” and restricts joint movement, inhibits brain function and restricts blood flow.  It is similar to a coral reef building up and as more and more collects it grows until the system is overrun.  Fortunately, by drinking distilled water, you will begin dissolving these minerals and disposing of them.  Distilled water will never remove minerals that have been assimilated into your body and are considered “self”.

     We have found many accounts of people with curled up hands from arthritis starting to drink distilled water and their hands are straightened out and usable in a matter of weeks.  Liz had a calcium deposit at the base of a finger on her right hand and soon after beginning to drink distilled water, it had disappeared.  Jim’s joint pain also went away.

     In our study and research on the matter we found “The Choice is Clear” by Dr. Allen E Banik.  In this book Dr. Banik writes that over the average person’s lifetime they will consume a total of 435 lbs of hard minerals.  We would strongly suggest reading this book.  It can be found on Amazon for under $10.00.

     The link below is also a great article on helping to dispel the rumors floating around about distilled water being bad for you.


     A simple Google search of “the ph scale” will show you that “distilled water” or “pure water” is the baseline for neutral on most scales.  Distilled water is used in laboratories as the solvent because it is pure H2O and not molecularly “contaminated”.

     For us the choice truly is clear and we will never go back to drinking heavy, hard water.  I hope that this gives clarity and at least opens your mind to doing some research on your own.  If we can encourage you to make just one change in your life, it would be to drink distilled water.

Peace and Love,



P.S. –  You can find distillers online at many locations and they start around $80.00 and go up.  Just do a Google search and you’ll find plenty to choose from.  There are a few on Amazon that are stainless steel inside, that is what we recommend.