Sugar has been the culprit blamed all these years as the link to diabetes, obesity, fatty liver etc.  What if all this time we have been mistaken? What if all of these years it has really been the fat!?  When I say sugar has been the culprit, I am talking about processed sugar, not sugar found in fruit.  I want to be very clear about that.  Fruit and what people refer to as sugar are not the same thing.  For more on this please read my most recent article “The Truth About Fruit”.

When you hear diabetes & obesity does sugar come to mind?   We have all been told that too much sugar and fruit is what causes diabetes and obesity.  I have had so many clients tell me that they have been told by doctors to stay away from fruit.  Even Naturopathic doctors are saying this.

What is the truth behind diabetes? Is sugar the problem or could it be something else? If it were sugar, then wouldn’t our ancestors from thousands of years ago have suffered from diabetes as well?

     Type II Diabetes and/or insulin resistance (which is the most common) is an issue where sugar becomes trapped in the bloodstream due to a fatty/oily bloodstream.  The pancreas releases insulin. The insulin breaks down sugar.  This is what is NOT happening.  The insulin can not grab onto the sugar because of the bloodstream being too fatty/oily/greasy (take your pick).  This leaves a lot of sugar trapped in the bloodstream causing blood sugar issues.  People go in and have their blood drawn and find out that they have high blood sugar! But they don’t tell them that the blood is full of sugar because the insulin can’t do what it needs to do (break down sugar) if there is too much fat!  So instead of telling people to cut the fat, oils and animal products (high in fat) they tell them to cut the sugar.  I agree yes cut the processed sugars for overall heath but for some reason fruit gets grouped in with that and that is so sad. 

The solution?  Cut the fat and oils and the processed foods which are high in processed sugar and fat.  But also increase your healthy fat and fruit intake! Again, for more information on fruits, please read my most recent article “The Truth About Fruit”.

The standard american diet is very high in fats and sugar of all kinds.

   “Foods” loaded with fat and sugar found in the Standard American Diet (S.A.D. ):

– potato chips – cookies – crackers – cereals – candy – pastries – meat – cheese – milk – yogurt – ice cream – eggs – oils –

If you choose to use oils make sure you purchase oils that are organic, non-refined and cold-pressed. If oils are heated, they become carcinogenic so nothing should ever be cooked in oil. Oils should be use sparingly, if ever. I recommend keeping your fat intake at no more than 15% of your diet, give or take, and closer to 10% if possible.

* Any and all oils are refined and isolated from their whole food source. For more information on a low fat lifestyle, I recommend reading “80/10/10” by Dr Douglas Graham.

Healthy “Sugar” and Fats found in a Plant-Based Diet:

Fruits (all)


Nuts (walnuts, pecans, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia)

Seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, flax, chia, hemp



Symptoms of a fatty bloodstream:


high blood sugar

yeast overgrowth/candida

chronic fatigue

fatty liver


insulin resistance


sluggish digestion

 Foods like avocados and raw nuts & seeds are great for providing the necessary whole food, unrefined fats.

 A high fat diet will interfere with the absorption of sugar (even natural sugar), not allowing for the sugar to move in and out of the bloodstream with ease. This is why a low fat diet is so crucial to defeating the epidemic of Type II Diabetes that is sweeping our nation.  When we lower our fat intake we no longer need to fear the natural sugars found in fruit.  It will fuel us efficiently and heal our bodies.

* Children need a little more fats in their diet until after their puberty years.  This is because hormones are primarily fats and in these years when the body is very busy developing, the body demands more good fats to create healthy hormones.

     Eating a low-fat diet is delicious, healthy and affordable!  Download my e-book “Raw ’til Dinner, Simplified!” for free!  It’s packed with recipes, info, tips and tricks to succeed at eating a low-fat, plant-based diet!

Peace and Love!

Liz Bunting