Hey guys!  Today I want to share with you my favorite herb and most important for our first aid kits: Cayenne Pepper.

     So here are a few things that Cayenne Pepper is great for:

 – Heart attacks

 – Strokes

 – Hypothermia

 – Shock

 – Frost bite

 – Internal bleeding

 – Equalizing blood pressure whether high or low

    …and so much more!

   The two main ways to use Cayenne Pepper are:

   1) In liquid form called a tincture.

   2) In powdered form just like you’d find in your spice cabinet.

     One example for using the tincture form of Cayenne is in the case of a heart attack.  If you or someone around you is having a heart attack, administer one dropper-full, or more, of the tincture into the mouth.  If you have the time, you could mix one dropper-full with 1 – 2 oz of water (preferably distilled).

     One example for using powdered cayenne would be if you or someone around you has a bad wound that won’t stop bleeding.  You can administer powdered cayenne directly into the wound and it will stop the bleeding as well as sterilize the wound.  Powdered cayenne can also be mixed with water and taken internally if you don’t have the tincture on hand.  This is great for shock and internal bleeding.  You can take powdered cayenne in capsules, however, I would strongly suggest eating with it or you could get a bad stomach ache when the capsules open up!

     My father-in-law had an accident in his wood shop one time and he badly injured the ends of his ring finger and middle finger in the jointer.  His mangled fingers were bleeding badly so we dumped Cayenne powder directly into wounds and within about a minute the blood had coagulated and was actually hanging from his fingers mixed with the cayenne powder.  We brought him inside and as we began inspecting the wounds we saw the color drain completely from his face and he began to act as though he would pass out due to shock.  We mixed one dropper-full of cayenne tincture with about 2 oz of distilled water and he drank it.  Within literally 5-10 seconds the color returned to his face and he became fully alert once again.  Because of Cayenne he didn’t have to go to the doctor and through the use of other herbs he needed no stitches and his fingers healed up beautifully!

     My own father suffered two very serious heart attacks about ten years ago and for the last few years he has carried around a water bottle with an 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne powder in it and drinks it almost daily because this herb is so amazing for the circulatory system.  I gave him a bottle of Cayenne tincture for Christmas a few years ago and asked him to carry it with him.  On his way home one day he felt his chest hurting so he took one dropper-full of the Cayenne tincture.  His chest stopped hurting and he didn’t have to go to the doctor.  He has been able to remove or reduce the heart medication that he was initially prescribed after the second heart attack.

     Cayenne pepper is one of the only hot peppers that will not cause physical harm to living tissue.  Trust me, it will feel hot but that is only because the area is being stimulated so that blood will be brought to aid in the healing of the wounded area.

     I hope this helps convey why cayenne pepper, in two forms, is so important to have in your first aid kit!

     If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.  Check out my video about Cayenne on my Youtube Channel.

Eat Well, Use Herbs and Enjoy Life!

Liz Bunting