In our last blog we discussed distilled water and how it was the first step in our transformation.

     The second step we took was to eliminate ALL dairy products from our diet. This included milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream, cream cheese, whipped cream, ice cream, etc.

     Today, dairy is a very controversial issue in this country. There are those who know that dairy products are harmful to the human body and those who believe that they are necessary. We cannot address all the facts and myths out there in this blog but we will share our experiences and some of the resources that we used to help us make this important decision.

     Any dairy products create mucous in the human body.   Jim grew up drinking milk, eating cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and cottage cheese. He also experienced horrible allergies from the age of two. He was allergic to dust, mold, the pollens of many plants, dander from many different animals, etc.  Tissue was always on our shopping list!  As soon as all dairy products were eliminated from the diet, his allergies went away almost completely. We saw the same happen with our son, Caleb.

     We have suggested to many people, when complaining about their childrens ear infections, runny noses, chunky coughs, eczema, rosacea, conjunctivitis, teeth issues, etc, that they also try eliminating dairy and we have seen amazing results.

     All animal products (Meat, dairy, eggs, etc.) create an acidic reaction in the human body. What does the body naturally do to neutralize that acidity?  It starts looking for CALCIUM!!  Calcium is naturally alkaline and therefore is the best neutralizer of the acid in the body.

     What is the largest source of calcium in the human body? The bones (including teeth).

     So instead of building strong and healthy bones when you consume dairy products, you are actually breaking down your bones and teeth to neutralize the acidic reaction (pH imbalance) created by consuming it in the first place.

     In fact, did you know that the countries with the highest rate of dairy consumption, including the United States, New Zealand, Britain, and Sweden, also have the highest rates of osteoporosis?  Although their citizens consume massive amounts of dietary calcium!  One reason why Americans have such a high incidence of osteoporosis (or weakening of the bones) isn’t a lack of dietary calcium but an excess of animal protein, which leaches calcium from the bones and teeth.

     A mother cows milk is perfectly formulated by nature to build the bones and body of a healthy baby cow to grow to a weight of several hundred pounds in just a few months. In fact, every mammal on the planet is designed to survive off of their mothers milk during the first stages of their life. The Human Being is the only mammal on the planet that drinks milk after weaned and voluntarily drinks the milk of another species. This is something you will not see in nature. Occasionally farm cats and dogs will drink cows milk if they are given it but they would not have the opportunity in nature.

     A diverse, plant-based diet is one of the best available sources of calcium and protein—and lets you avoid the harmful effects associated with dairy products.  A balanced diet of whole foods (fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds) gives the body nourishment, energy and power. The Herbal Family Healthy Lifestyle suggests that this make up the bulk of your diet. This balanced diet puts your body on the alkaline side and helps to keep the body cleaner and run more efficiently and prevents disease from growing.

     The bottom line is, you need to make your own decision, of course. We have simply tried to provide evidence and facts that can help in your decision making process. If you want to no longer suffer from ear infections, mucous buildup, runny nose as well as a plethora of other ailments, we ask that you just give it a try. Consume no dairy products for a month and see how you feel!

     A couple of books we suggest reading are, “Mad Cows and Milk Gate” by Virgil Hulse, M.D. and “Milk, The Deadly Poison” by Robert Cohen.

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Peace and Love,