From a young age I can remember thinking how important it was to look a certain way.  The pressures that come from family members, media, society, etc can become overwhelming, can confuse a young mind and can distract us from realizing how amazing we really are.

     I struggled with my weight ever since I can remember and it really became an issue after having kids and I realized that my drive and intention behind the diets and gimmicks that I had tried (and tried HARD) had been fueled wanting to look like the image that was created during those times of doubting that I was good enough.

     Years of trial and error had discouraged me with dieting.  It was always the same thing.  I would lose weight and then just gain it back after I had stopped the “diet”.  I didn’t understand the difference between a “diet” and a lifestyle change.  If you change your habits for a few months and lose weight, why would your weight stay off if you go back to the same lifestyle that caused you to gain the weight in the first place?  It’s so simple but it was just starting to click.  I needed to change my whole lifestyle and approach to food.  I learned that year after year of improper diet was causing our systems to be so plugged that most people are only absorbing a small amount of the few nutrients they are getting in their S.A.D. (Standard American Diet).

     Our bodies require a certain amount of nutrients to function.  The human body is an amazing biological machine that, as we can see, can function even after much abuse.  How many people are really thriving though?  How many people NEVER experience fatigue, muscle or joint pain, dis-ease of some sort, or even get the common cold?  They are out there but are very few and far between.  I wanted to become a person (and family) that was truly alive and thriving!  I no longer wanted to be held back by my weight and I wanted be the example to my kids that we are truly in control of our own destiny.

     In the Summer of 2007 I stepped on the scale and saw the number 276 and this was enough to disturb me to a point where I needed change!  After educating myself on treating symptoms vs going to the cause I realized that my weight was no exception to this, just like my husbands allergies, my kids’ teeth problems, etc.  They were all symptoms to the same basic cause, the system was plugged.  My focus shifted to getting healthy instead of trying to be a certain weight which is, after all,  just a number on a scale.

     The first step to apply in my lifestyle change was to cleanse and nourish my body.  My husband was a major support to me in getting our whole family to start making changes in what we were putting in.  We both did a 6 month extended herbal cleanse which focused on the lower bowel first, then the liver & gallbladder, the kidneys, and then the bloodstream.  While on the cleanse, we ate a mucousless diet which meant that any food that promoted the production of mucous in our system was to be avoided.  Mucous is like glue in our system, it prevents the proper absorption of the nutrients we get.  Eating more nutrients is great but the goal is to absorb the nutrients we get and allow our bodies to utilize those nutrients to give us energy and cause everything to function properly.

     Over the next few years of proper diet, exercise, distilled water and a lot of soul searching, I lost a total of 120 lbs and to this day have been able to consistently maintain my weight, something I never thought I would be able to do.  Many people are confused by “diets” and rightly so.  There is so much hype out there with people trying to sell their latest and greatest system to lose weight that the massive amount of information often contradicts itself.  Eat a high fat and low carb diet!  Blood type “x” should be a vegetarian!  And so it goes.  The truth really is that every human being, no matter their blood type, no matter what Ayurvedic constitution they are and no matter what “diet personality” you have, WILL benefit from eliminating animal products, processed foods and increasing their intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds.  There may be varying degrees of success but all will benefit.

     Not only do I feel free with the weight gone but many other symptoms of my previously wrong diet disappeared: hair loss, acne, red blotchy skin, immune issues, low thyroid to name a few!  I have also experienced an increase in my energy and drive and gained a respect and love for myself in seeing that I could actually do what I thought had been impossible before.

     I hope that these little pieces of my story can encourage you to believe that you ARE good enough. 

When you start truly loving yourself great things will happen!

Peace and Love,

Liz Bunting