I have always been aware of the dangers of over the counter medications, antibiotics, and the pharmaceutical world in general.  Even at 19 I did my research and decided with my husband that we would not be vaccinating our children.  This was a big decision and I am so glad that I listened to my gut at such a young age.  My research into immunizations opened many other doors.    As the years went by, all the while caring for ourselves and our children naturally, I continued to gain weight and my husband continued to battle his life long allergies (to everything).

     After years of making homemade meals, occasionally eating out, thinking that we had a fairly good balance on our diet, I thought to myself, “I guess I will just be overweight my whole life.  Jim will just suffer from his allergies for the rest of his life, too.  There has to be something we can do.”    Then one day, in 2007, I heard my kids complaining about their teeth.  I took both of them into the dentist and found out that they both had a cavity with an abscess.  Both kids at the same time!  I took this as a lesson and being the questioner that I am, I needed to know, “What was I doing wrong?  What was lacking from their life?  Why were my young kids having such problems with their teeth?”

     Treating the abscesses naturally and having cavities filled were the first step, not knowing any better (we will be touching on cavities later).  Now the digging began.  I had to know the reason, not just take care of the symptoms.  But how, as a stay at home mom, who home-schools her kids, would I have the opportunity to do the research I needed to do?  Then talking with my good friend one day who has always been a little farther ahead of the times with technology, she suggested that I do some looking for online college courses.  I literally lit up! I ran inside and started my search immediately.

     I just happened to be led to a website of The School of Natural Healing and it seemed to speak to me.  It just so happened that they were offering a special for their Family Herbalist course at 20% of their normal price.  I talked it over with my husband and we both decided that this was the thing to do.  From that day on, our lives have not been the same.  Changes began immediately and we have not looked back.  The biggest change came in our diet and it led us to where we are today eating a high raw, high carb, low fat, vegan diet.  In addition to these drastic changes to our diet, we did a six month extended herbal cleanse and experienced amazing results.  The kids learned at a young age, as we overhauled our pantry and fridge, what the correct fuel is for the human body as well as learned more about using herbs for first aid and other health ailments.  Instead of looking at the kids’ teeth problems as a curse, I found it to be a blessing in disguise that opened the doors to the amazing transformation of our life.

     Stay tuned for future blogs, where we show you how much weight I lost, what happened with Jim’s allergies and how the kids’ teeth are today.  We want to share our journey to empower you to do the same.  If we can do it, you can too!

     We are excited to share with you our experiences as we detoxed from the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet), what teeth problems really mean, what we eat, and what it means to be a high raw, high carb, low fat, vegan.

Peace and Love,



The Raw Herbalist’s Morning Smoothie Recipe

1 small lemon (peeled)

1 small orange (peeled)

2 medium bananas (peeled)

1 cup kale, spinach or chard

1 cup frozen berries of choice

Water or herbal tea to desired consistency

Blend and enjoy!