So this is something we have been wanting to share for a while.  I (the Hubby) have a long history with allergies.  At the age of two I came in from playing out in the grass with my eyes swollen shut.  My mother, having never had any experience with allergies, rushed me to the hospital and I was subsequently diagnosed with hay-fever along with a host of other allergies.  My mother experimented with my diet by removing bread for a time and then other grains, but my allergies persisted over the years.

     When I was a teenager I was tested much more in depth by an allergy specialist, as it was much more common then.  They told us that I was allergic to the pollens from grasses, trees, and a host of flowers just to name a few.  I was also told that I was allergic to the dander from all different sorts of animals including rabbits, horses, dogs, cats, etc.  So that took care of the spring and summer and pets.  But wait!  There was more.  I was also allergic to mold and to dust from several different types of wood (cedar in particular).

     My allergies would knock me down for weeks at a time, especially during the spring when everything was at its most beautiful and pollen was in the air.  I would get the itching at the back of my throat, the sneezing, the runny nose (that wouldn’t stop), and the itching eyes.

     Being married to The Raw Herbalist has been a blessing in many ways.  She saw as I suffered for the early years of our marriage and wished she knew how to help.  Then as our diet began to change my allergies seemed to get better.  It was a gradual process over the course of several years but now, and for the last couple, I have had zero symptoms that anyone could attribute to allergies.  I mean, I’ll sneeze it I breath in a cloud of dust, but everyone would.  Our son, Caleb suffered for the first several years of his life as well but no longer has any allergies.  What a relief!

     I have noticed that as our diet changed from the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet), the symptoms did get better.  Once I did The Raw Herbalist’s 6 month internal herbal cleanse it got better again. When we went completely vegan (no animal products) I saw even more improvement.  The best it has been though has been a diet of fruit dominant, high-raw, low-fat plant based foods and distilled water.  This means only one cooked meal a day and sometimes raw all day.  This has given me the best results with regards to my allergies (and any other health issues as well).

     I sometimes forget how bad it used to be.  I actually fell asleep in my desk at work because I took a Benedryl.  The boxes of tissue that I would go through made us consider investing in Kleenex stock.  But as I sat down to write this blog I looked outside at the beautiful spring day.  I saw the birds chirping and the grasses blowing in the wind and realized that I no longer fear this time of year.  Just the other day I was clearing a few trees that had recently been downed.  I noticed that as I cut a few of the branches off, a cloud of pollen wafted into my face.  I was actually surprised that I didn’t even sneeze once!

     For those of you who are suffering from seasonal or even year round allergies, stop taking the anti-histamines!  Adjust your diet, get rid of the animal products and the processed foods!  Drink distilled water.  Start eating more raw fruits and veggies.  Do an herbal cleanse.  It will be the best change you ever made in your life.

     For more on distilled water check our our blog “Clearing the Water”.

Peace & Love,

Jim Bunting