The adrenal glands, seated on top of each kidney, are part of the endocrine system, that is: the internally secreting or ductless glands which release their secretions directly into the blood stream.

The adrenals are the Creator’s most intricate chemical factories. “It would take acres of chemical plants to synthetically manufacture the 50 odd hormones or hormone-like substances produced by the adrenal glands.” (Ratcliff, 1975, p. 69)

Not only do these hormones control all the oxidation processes of the human body through the anterior pituitary body, but they regulate growth, mental balance, sexual development and maintenance, plus a host of other phenomena.

The adrenals, the pituitary, and the thyroid are functionally united comprising the adrenal system.


With so much stress from work, family, finances, health issues and our modern pace of life, the adrenal glands and adrenal system can  become exhausted easily and frequently. Throw in an unclean diet, pollutants, toxic overload and so on and we have an epidemic of fatigue and hormonal imbalances that have spread throughout the developed world.

Causes of Stress:

– Lack of sleep

– Poor diet (processed, junk food)

– Stimulants (caffeine, sugar)

– Rigorous work schedule

– Emotional trauma (trapped emotions, unhealthy relationships, death of a loved one)

– Over training (marathons, training without rest days)

– Lack of fun and excitement

Signs of Adrenal Fatigue:

– Dry and thin skin

– Low body temp

– Addison’s disease

– Mild depression

– Irritablity

– Anxiety

– Allergies

– Hair loss

– Unexplained weight loss or weight gain

– Body aches and muscle pain

– Fatigue (difficulty getting out of bed in the morning)

– Low blood pressure

– Low blood sugar

– Salt and sugar cravings

– Shakiness or lightheadedness after skipping a meal

– Dizziness upon standing

– Feeling of tired and wired

– Sleep disturbance

– Low libido

– Infertility

– Thyroid imbalances

– Blurred vision

If you relate to any of the above please consider giving the below remedy a try. Herbs are safe and natural with no side effects, only side benefits! I have been trained under the original Dr. Christopher’s teachings and have used his formulas for many years with great success on our family, friends and clients!

The Raw Herbalist’s Wholistic Remedy: Dr. Christopher’s Adrenals Formula: (Adrenal Formula) This formula contains whole herbs of Mullein, Licorice, Siberian Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Hawthorne Berries, Cayenne, and Ginger. This formula helps promote the correction of any imbalance in the adrenal glands and is an all around medicinal food for the Adrenal System. It also helps compensate for any stress placed on the heart.

Fresh juices for the Adrenals: Carrot & spinach or pineapple.

This formula for the adrenal glands has done much good, but it is, as we have explained frequently before, only working on the effect. In addition to this, we must go to the cause — watch the diet, the liquid intake, remembering to use deep breathing exercises, and above all, keep a positive and good mental outlook on life. 

To purchase just click the link below and start loving your ADRENALS today! Start with 2 capsules 2 x per day.

“You cannot live without your adrenal hormones and how well you live depends a great deal on how well your adrenal glands function.” – James L. Wilson

Peace & Love,


The Raw Herbalist – Certified Family Herbalist – Nutritional Herbologist – Teacher and Health Mentor


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