About Me

Hey there!  My name is Liz Bunting and I wanted to share some of my story with you.  In 2008 my husband, myself and our two young children had just moved to a new city.  My husband’s work took him away from home for 4 days at a time.  Acting as a single Mom during the week, I was overwhelmed, I was depressed and my weight climbed to 276 lbs.  I had tried many diets over the years and the weight always seemed to come right back, with interest.  I was absolutely confused on what to eat to get this weight off and to feed my family the fuel they deserved.  My husband had suffered from severe allergies his entire life.  My two children were having teeth issues as well and I didn’t know where to turn.

That same year I was inspired to do some searching on the internet for online natural health schools and found The School of Natural Healing.  I immediately dove into school, all while trying to balance my busy life as a Wife and homeschooling Mom.  I received my certification as a Family Herbalist and then went on for my certification as a Nutritional Herbologist.  I had found my passion and my life started to change!

After many years of wrong diets, lack of exercise, negative thoughts, diet pills, radical gimmicks like: HCG diet, Atkins diet (known today as Keto), Weight Watchers diet and so on, I was fed up and wanted to know how to become truly healthy, naturally and without having to force it.  I wanted to get to the root of my issues and not just the symptoms!

So through years of study, college, research and experience, I was eventually led to a Fruit-Based Vegan Lifestyle!  Through the application of this diet/lifestyle, along with herbal cleansing, a positive attitude and exercise, I have successfully released over 130 pounds without “dieting”, starving, restricting or being plain ol’ miserable.  I am so full of energy and life!  Through the gradual transitioning to this lifestyle I have over come my weight gain, adrenal fatigue, nervous system damage, thyroid and hormonal issues, autoimmune issues, hair-loss, acne and so much more.  Being patient with the process of detoxification, I have seen our entire family reap the benefits!  I am still a work in progress but I know that it took years to get myself to where I was and it will take years to repair the damage, I am just so grateful I get to do it this way!

Taking care of myself first has allowed me to transform and lead my family to a balance of true health and happiness!  I continue to be passionate about helping others reach their health goals as well.

Peace & Love


My Philosophy

I believe that a healthier, happier and more energetic life is a possibility for anyone!

I believe that by eating our species specific diet we can transform every cell of our bodies into high-quality vehicles with a higher consciousness.

My philosophy is that by consuming a fruit-based, vegan diet, incorporating regular exercise, applying herbs for medicine, choosing positive thoughts and surrounding ourselves with supportive people will result in a most vibrant healthy body and that we will in turn show respect to our planet and all the creatures who share this planet with us.

When we take care of ourselves first…
then everyone gets the best of us!

The information I share cannot legally be intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.