With 11 years of first-hand experience dealing with a number of health issues, I have found that detoxification of our bodies is paramount to true health.  The best way to be successful with detoxification is to transition over a time period.  Generally speaking, those who jump into a strict detox regimen do not stick with it.  I have personally experienced the ups and downs of long-term detox, I have experienced healing crisis’ and I have seen dramatic positive results.  Not only have I experienced my own results but I have seen amazing results in the many individuals that I have consulted with over the years.

I am dedicated to working in partnership with you to meet your health goals with the help of natural herbs, whole, raw, living foods, and beneficial lifestyle changes.  Whether you are dealing with a specific health concern or simply want to be healthier, it is my intent to make simple, safe and all natural recommendations to help you feel better.

“It is my belief that individuals should first seek out the safest and most non-invasive approach to healing before resorting to more dangerous methods that often only mask the outer symptoms without addressing the underlying cause.”

Liz BuntingThe Raw HerbalistCertified Family Herbalist, Certified Nutritional Herbologist, Dr. Christopher Practitioner & Detoxification Specialist

Initial Holistic Health Consultations for Transition and Detoxification are $150.00 and Include:

– A full review of your health history
– A personal herbal protocol specifically tailored to your needs
– A Fruit Based Transition and Detox Guide
– One-on-one guidance through your transformation, as needed

All follow-up consultations are $55.

How to Schedule a Consultation:


I look forward to working with you!

Sending lots of positive vibes,

Liz Bunting – The Raw Herbalist